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A Brief Look At Me...

On  June 5, 2000, I woke partially paralysed on one side of my body.

Nine days later, a neurologist diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. Four months after that, MS forced me to go on disability. The life I was building was ripped away. The paralysis had left within the first few weeks but I was left with other problems such as chronic fatigue, pain, cognitive problems and much more. I took a 30% cut in pay and in 2002, I filed for bankruptcy. Many of my friends slowly drifted away and others, I pushed away.

I was alone, lonely, broke with very little hope for the future, just sitting around waiting to die.

I started to look into what I could do with my life. I have always written, ever since I learned to put words together, and in 2004, I indie published my first book, The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story. I didn't know much about promotion so the book didn't sell. I tried it with another book, Let Us Play, A Rock 'n Roll Love Story a couple of years later. Still not a lot of sales. Maybe I wasn't meant to live a better life?

That all changed when I found a group on Facebook filled with experienced writers who could help. Thanks to them, I found a small publisher for my third book and guidance to increase sales and hone my writing. Things started moving along.

In 2013, I got rid of the cane, which was my companion since that day in June of 2000. That was when I wrote On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success and published it in 2014. Another paranormal novel made its debut that year.

In the spring of 2014,  I connected with people at the BIL Conference held in Vancouver. There, for the first time ever, I spoke in front of an audience. I was so nervous - I even forgot part of my speech. But I was hooked. I had found my mission in life. Now I speak at every opportunity I can, inspiring others to live their lives the best they can. I also launched two coaching programs to help others.

Having gone through the stress of a bankruptcy and then almost making the same financial errors again, I realized that there are many people out there who need my help. With The 90 Day Turnaround, 90 Days to Financial Stability, I guide women through a five step system I used to save myself over $400,000 in future interest payments so they can pay their debt off faster, save money and focus on other goals.

Who knew that being diagnosed with a chronic illness would end up being one of the best things to happen to me?