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I guide women through a five step system so they pay off their debt faster, save money and focus on other goals.

Are You Afraid Your Debt is Getting Out of Control?

One of the reasons that debt keeps increasing is due to interest rates. Do you realize how much is being added to credit cards and other debt with interest rates? It is incredible!

The 90 Day Turnaround, 90 Days to Financial Stability is a three month program where I will guide you to find  lower interest rates so you can pay your debt off faster, save money and release some of the pressure being in debt is putting on you.

More importantly, I will get you on the path to realizing goals and dreams. Remember how you used to dream as a child? The future was limitless! Let's get that feeling back again and plan how you can achieve your goals - no matter how big or small.

Imagine how you will feel knowing that your debt is going down and you haven't had to make a lot of sacrifices. You will make some but you won't feel them after a short time. 

Here's what my program is:

  • One - Two hour in depth, one on one meeting either by Skype or telephone to go in depth on your financial situation
  • Weekly one hour meetings to help you stay on track and set new goals.
  • Unlimited email support. I will respond within two business unless there are circumstances beyond my control
  • Opportunity to be involved in the creation of online courses
  • Lifetime access to an ever growing library of eBooks.
  • That’s a $7,184 value but that’s not what I charge. I charge less than a third of that.  Only $2100 for a three month program!
  • And how much is it worth to save hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars in potential interest payments? 


If this sounds like something you might be interested in then the next step is to book a 15 minute consultation with me. Go here and set up a time that works for both of us. During this call, we will see if you and I can work together and if I can help you.