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Jo and the Dough, a children book by Ooni co-founder Darina Garland

As a parent, you know: Pizza is straight-up magic. Ooni co-founder Darina was preparing one with her two young sons when their imaginations took over. As they excitedly speculated about their rising dough yeast is ALIVE?! Darina was struck by an idea for a book that could bring their game of hat If to life. After teaming up with her colleague, illustrator Edith Ault, their first children book, a fantastical pizza-based adventure called Jo and the Dough, was born.

Through whimsical illustrations sure to captivate the minds of kids and adults alike, Jo and the Dough tells the story of Jo, an inquisitive young girl who, through a single impulsive act, accidentally brings her pizza dough to life. Fortunately, her friend Dough Monster is happy to help get the pizza party started, and in no time at all, he leading her on a fast-paced romp through the neighborhood to collect ingredients.

Jo and the Dough includes an exclusive, child-friendly recipe for Neapolitan-style dough, so your family can recreate the magic at home with a pizza party of your own.

As an extension of our efforts through the Ooni Impact Fund, all proceeds from this book will go directly toYoungMinds, supporting mental health among children and youths.

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