Lcher Vix Bits – 4 pcs + 3 FREE today! (7pcs set)




Effortlessly Drill Precise Holes

Enhance your drilling efficiency and drill accurate holes effortlessly. These bits willautomatically center the hole, whether you’re installing hinges, handles, or anything for your projects.

Make perfectly centered pilot holes every time (without effort) and prevent you from havingit accidentally run off-center.

Usually, a 4 pcs set will be just enough for doing basic things… But what if you want to be fully prepared for any job?

If you get the set today, we’ll add3 complimentary Vix Bits for FREE, and you will receive a 7pcs set, to ensure you’ll always have the right size for your project!

Reach professional and precise holes:Doesn matter if you want to drillhinges, door butts, window pulls. The Lcher Vix Bits is the key to reach the perfect and precise holes.

Fast and easy to use:The Lcher Vix Bits fit perfectly with your standard drill,just place the drill bit you need and accomplish the results you were looking for.

Lifetime duration:You can easily sharpen or replace the interior bit.Made of High Carbon German SteelAlloyto achieve the best performance on every occasion!

3Extra Drill Bits for Free: As a Gift, wewill send you 3extra Vix Bits drill bits for freeuntil we run out of stock!

e also ship worldwide in 7-15 days for most countries.

A must in your toolbox:With the 7 pieces set you will be able to work on every project, whether you’reconstructingdrawers,cabinets, doors, or nearly anythingbecausethey work on wood and steel equally.

et Free shipping when you shop for 2 sets or more.93% ofwoodworkers are getting 2 sets or more to gift afriend,family member, or anyone.

“I’ve been using these for 20 years. Every contractor should have them on their truck. They really prevent alot of problems that come with installing hardware” – Chris Thomas

Try it out RISK-FREE with our Titanium-Shield Guarantee – 60 days 100% money-back guarantee.

What’s included in the package?
4 Lcher Vix Bits⒙
TODAY’s gift:3 Lcher Vix Bits (different sizes)


Click Add to Cart Now and Get the dream toolset everyone is talking about

PS: This offer is availableONLY until we run out of stock, if you buy the 4-pieces set Today, we will send you 3 extra Vix Bitsfor FREE.


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