Pocket Hole Jig kit




This Pocket Hole Jig Set will ensure your holes are angled perfectly for the most secure and invisible joints.

Joining two perpendicular pieces of wood together can be tricky! Do you place a nail at a random angle, hammer away, and hope for the best?

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this, with this tool, you can be sure that you are in the first one. Just place your Jig Kit on the wood you are working on, drill, and let this tool do all the work.

Life-time durationHardened-steel made,Solid metal drill guide
Multi-use:Make invisible joints, quickly fix Broken Wood Joints even makes perfect pocket holes even through knots in the wood, and more!
Easy to use:Archive professional results (without effort)

“I made two interior slidings “barn” doors for my daughter’s home with this jig. The joints were solid, strong, and hidden. Looked like the Pros made them. I’ve been wood crafting for 50 years I only wished i discovered this little wonder earlier” – Donald Carlson

Material: aluminum alloy
Colour: Black

Kit 1 (Jig kit):

  • 2 * L wrench
  • 1 * 15 degree adjustable hole locator
  • 6 * drill bit adapter

Kit 2 (Jig Kit + 3 drill bits with rings):

  • All items of Kit 1
  • 3 * twist drill (6mm/8mm/10mm) // 0.23, 0.31, 0.39 (inch)
  • 3 * spacing ring

Angle: 15 degrees

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